Our Services

Our vision defines our service, “Westlands paws team will deliver the highest quality,most innovative and comprehensive vet care to our patients. Evidence based medicine shall guide our treatment decision and recommendation.”


Our team is prepared 24/7 to handle emergency cases as we understand the need for fast and on-time service delivery 


Our surgical theater is well equipped to carry out both minor and major surgeries on your little friend. Visit us for more info.


Travelling? Well, don’t worry us we have comfortable boarding facilities with round -the0-clock care for your little friend

Dental Care

Those canines losing their edge? Visit our clinic for the best dental care services for your pet. Let us take care of your pet.


Finding your pet should not be a problem with use of a microchip. they are small and do not cause discomfort to your pet

Neutering & Spay

Neutering & Spaying ensures you have control over the reproduction of your pets ensuring that no pet is left homeless or uncared for.


We have a well equipped laboratory to ensure that  your pet get the most accurate results which affects the treatment

Home Visits

Feeling like you can’t get to the clinic? Give us a call and we’ll schedule a home appointment. We believe in flexibility


Reduce the chances of your pet contracting diseases due to lack of vaccination. Visit our clinic today for advise on this.

Pet Grooming

Your pets deserves a spar day just as you do. Bring our paw friends in for a visit and let them leave our clinic well groomed.

Routine Checkup

You shouldn’t wait for your pet to get sick before bringing them in. Routine checkups help deduct underlying conditions

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Pets Are Not Our Whole Life, but They Make Our Life Whole

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